saw two bands, Giles Corey and Corey Dennison – wonderful music, lots of virtuosity all around! got there at midnight on a Wednesday night/Thursday morning, so the place was hopping but not too crowded. beers were cold, gumbo from the kitchen in back was hearty, but most of all, the vibe was great (except for a little shoving match that broke out among two patrons). diverse crowd, and good spirits for the most part. a sax player and bassist in the audience joined Giles Corey’s band and rocked the house; the front man for Corey Dennison had a wireless pickup, so he went into the crowd and disappeared in the back, he and the band playing tightly all the while, then a different (famous, but can’t remember his name) guitarist reappeared. my jaw just dropped – what a great trick, and the music kept going smoothly throughout! the last time i was at KM i was just out of high school, back home from college in 1981, and it was a dark, smoky, boozy, bluesy place. glad to see it’s still around, smoke-free (cigarettes, at least 🙂 ), full of great music and good folk. may it last many more decades!~Eric~

Come on in tonight to experience these 2 phenomenal bands!!


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